Customizing and twiddling with Mint 18. So, after getting a successful install of Mint 18 Cinnamon, I proceeded to twiddle with all the settings and software. I am a slightly obsessive twiddler, and can't help but try out random things. I did the initial install with the Cinnamon desktop. It serves me well, but I... Continue Reading →


Part 1 - Resizing Mac Yosemite Partitions Note: I am a casual nerd, savvy enough to experiment, google things and trouble shoot, but not a technical whiz by any stretch. I'm writing solely based on my own experience and what I figure out. I have a Macbook Air with a 128Gig harddrive. It's a lovely,... Continue Reading →

After spending a completely ridiculous amount of time fiddling, researching and experimenting with software over a period of years, I’ve finally found a setup that seems to work well for editing photos. Huge breakthrough, earth shattering. I have an online shop, and do one of a kind pieces, so I need a simple setup that... Continue Reading →

My Operating System Story: An extended ramble, or why I dual boot Mac and Linux I recently completed a computer overhaul, to use Linux Mint as my primary OS on my 2011 Macbook Air. It is still dual boot, so I have access to Mac software when I need it. But this is the latest... Continue Reading →

The Holy Grail of Journaling Apps

This may be a topic with a limited audience, because I am both a nerd and an avid journaler. It keeps me sane to write down my thoughts, but I’m particular about my data and how it’s managed. I suspect that most people are either one or the other. But that’s okay! This is still... Continue Reading →

Data structure and open source

My current project is moving my photo management system to an open source one. I want a set up that doesn’t tie me totally to a proprietary system. Part of that is figuring out how to unhook myself from years of iphoto, because the photo editor in iphoto is weak, and I need a rig... Continue Reading →

Phones and Philosophy

I got a new iPhone 5c. I also sold my iPad back to Mac of All Trades. I find now that I want to keep the little Android tablet that I bought (a Hisense Sero Pro). It’s a cute little thing, and it can do small, simple things that I want it to. I mostly... Continue Reading →

Making (Mac) Yosemite Pretty

Well, I got my new (refurbished) Macbook Air. I like it! Pretty smooth. I got it from Other World Computing. It surprised me that I’d never heard of them - I thought I was the master of deal hunting and new all the places! But I could not find a bad review about them. And... Continue Reading →

External Monitor Land

The external monitor that I bought for $50 at Free Geek, (my favorite store) is blowing my mind. So much screen space! I’ve used nothing but laptops for years, so wow! Now I’m going crazy and plugging in my sweet keyboard I bought at Goodwill. One of my secret hobbies is deal hunting and making... Continue Reading →

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