Making my Local File Sync Dreams Come True!

For years, I have had the utopian goal of a reliable, consistent, local file sync between my devices. Ever since the Infamous Ipad Fiasco of 2015, it has been my dream. My parameters: Local - not some other peoples' servers on the cloud, like Dropbox. Not owned by a company that was going to scan... Continue Reading →


A Small Step Toward De-Googling: RSS YouTube Subscriptions

I really like YouTube videos. They are wonderful, and I can keep up with my favorite nerd people, philosophizing, news, etc. There are other video web sites out there, I know, but a lot of good content is on YouTube. That probably won't be the case forever, because everything changes, and everything changes thrice as... Continue Reading →

Test driving some new distros

Distro Ramble Other distros I have going at the moment are Solus and Manjaro KDE. Solus is an fascinating distro, I like what they are doing. It runs smoothly and reliably, and looks pretty too. I was initially intrigued when I saw the Solus founder Ikey Doherty on a youtube chat with Bryan Lunduke and... Continue Reading →

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