Facebook Rebellion – RSS, Mastodon, and a longing for more options

We all know by now, (or should) that Facebook is a pretty abusive system. It has some use as a sort of digital phone book for people you know, but mostly it just gives the illusion of connectivity while actually limiting you. It picks articles and posts to show you, according to its mysterious algorithm.... Continue Reading →


Keyboards Were So Much Better in 2003 – A Rant about Modern Laptops.

I would like to complain about modern computers for a moment. My favorite computer that I currently own is a 10 year old Dell Inspiron Mini 10V netbook with a cool 1 GB of RAM and a 1.6 GHz processor. It is beautiful. I mean, obviously, this is a crappy computer. It is small and... Continue Reading →

Linux Fest Northwest!

I went to Linux Fest Northwest last month. (I started writing this right after and delayed a little in posting it. Sorry.) It was a beautiful experience and I would like to talk about it a little. My love of Linux has gone on for some years. I heard about Linux Fest through some of... Continue Reading →

Test driving some new distros

Distro Ramble Other distros I have going at the moment are Solus and Manjaro KDE. Solus is an fascinating distro, I like what they are doing. It runs smoothly and reliably, and looks pretty too. I was initially intrigued when I saw the Solus founder Ikey Doherty on a youtube chat with Bryan Lunduke and... Continue Reading →

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