Even Newer Blog Location!

For real this time. http://www.linuxforpoets.com The Neocities site is still there too, but I wanted to set up a new Hugo site, and get official with my own domain name. So there we are.


New Blog Location!

Having used WordPress.com for a while, I have officially shifted my blog over to Neocities. This is a lovely platform, and it is all handcoded in HTML and CSS. It's nice and tidy, and loads almost instantaneously. I recommend trying it out. secretgeekery.neocities.org WordPress is an unnecessarily complicated, heavy platform that is total overkill for... Continue Reading →

Linux Fest Northwest!

I went to Linux Fest Northwest last month. (I started writing this right after and delayed a little in posting it. Sorry.) It was a beautiful experience and I would like to talk about it a little. My love of Linux has gone on for some years. I heard about Linux Fest through some of... Continue Reading →

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