Test driving some new distros

Distro Ramble

Other distros I have going at the moment are Solus and Manjaro KDE. Solus is an fascinating distro, I like what they are doing. It runs smoothly and reliably, and looks pretty too. I was initially intrigued when I saw the Solus founder Ikey Doherty on a youtube chat with Bryan Lunduke and Matt Hartley, two of my favorite Linux peeps. Come to think of it, that’s where I learned about Ubuntu Mate too. It’s recommended fun, nerdy viewing.

The only “problem” with Solus is that it’s a younger distro not built on another distribution, so the software community hasn’t built up enough yet to cover all my needs. They don’t have my favorite finance program, KMyMoney, and when I submitted it to their software request section they said they wouldn’t for the foreseeable future (because it uses KDE4. When they port to KF5 it would be a possibility).

I gave Fedora Gnome a try as well, which I liked quite well. I had a harder time installing it, found managing the partitions on the installer way more complicated than the others I’m used to. But once it was running, it was pretty smooth, and I enjoy Gnome. I never stick with Gnome or KDE desktops though, even though I like them, because my machine isn’t the speediest kid on the block, and once things get serious, with a bunch of browser tabs and photo editing and such it gets slower. I dislike waiting for my computer to a slightly excessive degree. I’ll take speed over nifty animations and the like any day of the week. So I keep using Mate and other lightweight distros.

Manjaro is a similar story. I had Manjaro XFCE for a while, and it was lightning fast. It developed some glitches that were annoying, like always having to plug and unplug the headphones before the speakers would work. Some things like that I take the time to debug, but some I don’t feel like fighting with if it’s not too important. I also have Manjaro KDE running, which is pretty nice too, and running flawlessly thus far. But I haven’t spent a lot of time with it, so it’s not a full test.

There’s the current distro ramble.


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