Data structure and open source

My current project is moving my photo management system to an open source one. I want a set up that doesn’t tie me totally to a proprietary system. Part of that is figuring out how to unhook myself from years of iphoto, because the photo editor in iphoto is weak, and I need a rig with a good editor, and also decent management. This is in the works, but it will include Lightzone, which is smooth, lovely and open source. The viewer/manager angle of things is my topic of research. I had hoped I could get Digikam going on my Mac, but no go. Still crashing after installing XCode, Macports, and digging through error messages for a while. I can take some hacking, but only so much…

Meanwhile, I’m having a big time twiddling with Atom, and adding themes and add-on packages to set it up as a pretty writing app. I love customizable things like that, so each person can adjust it to their needs. So I moved all my journals to a simple text document structure, and am writing from there. Thereby detaching myself from the proprietary Day One setup. (I know it is plain text with some XML formatting, but if I want to work with those files from Linux or something, it’s no fun).

It feels good taking control of my own data, in my own way.


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