Making (Mac) Yosemite Pretty

Well, I got my new (refurbished) Macbook Air. I like it! Pretty smooth. I got it from Other World Computing. It surprised me that I’d never heard of them – I thought I was the master of deal hunting and new all the places! But I could not find a bad review about them. And my machine came fast, and I found the best deal on it ($519 for 13″ 1.7Gh i5, 128GB, mid-2011). It’s in “fair” condition, but it looks practically flawless to me. One microscopic scuff if I look REAL hard. So I’m happy.

Brand new Apple stuff is just plain spendy, so I appreciate the refurbishment guys. Mac of All Trades has been my go-to, (just ordered a “new” iPhone 5c from them). It would be fun to always have the brand-newest thing as it comes out, but who actually needs that? I’m not quite a minimalist, but try to keep it simple and separate what I need from what I want, and know when I’m getting something just because I feel like it (still legit, but something to be mindful of).

And it’s great. 2011 machine, with my new update, now running Yosemite. Turns out I like it just fine. I don’t use the new gizmos too much, and my big annoyance was I don’t like the new finder smiley icon, and I don’t like the loud, turquoise finder folders. So I did some tweaking, because I can’t just leave things alone, when I can can twiddle with them. As follows:

I used this method to replace the silly smiley finder icon in the dock with a mild mannered apple icon:

And then I used LiteIcon to switch out the folder icon to a more pleasing orange color, match the case I got for my laptop:
(The Lite Icon app said my system wasn’t officially supported, but I had no problems at all…)

P.S. AppCleaner is made by the same folks, and I use that all the time too when deleting applications.

I found a nice set of colored icons here, but I’m sure there are lots of options out there:


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