External Monitor Land

The external monitor that I bought for $50 at Free Geek, (my favorite store) is blowing my mind. So much screen space! I’ve used nothing but laptops for years, so wow! Now I’m going crazy and plugging in my sweet keyboard I bought at Goodwill. One of my secret hobbies is deal hunting and making good setups on minimal money. Speaking of which I still need to replace the harddrive on my boyfriend’s old dead Windows laptop and install Linux Mint on it. Just because.

Also, this keyboard doesn’t work so great with my Mac. No command key is just confusing.

P.S. I noticed at Free Geek that all their laptops had Linux Mint installed on them, whereas previously it was Xubuntu, I think. I’ve tried Mint and Ubuntu and found Mint smoother and faster, on my 2008 Macbook anyway. Interesting.


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